The food basket of food to lose weight

Many ways to lose weight, diet food products will be done, do not underestimate the usual basket, once it is arranged, perhaps it will be your first step to embark on the road to lose weight does.

Melon: melon fat-free, containing sodium is low, with a diuretic to the water effect. A majority of body fat accumulation of excessive moisture, muscle weakness is not real, non-governmental experience, common melon Shaotang Beverage Service, can expel excessive moisture, weight loss efficacy evident in winter when no wax gourd, wax gourd skin can be dry 30 grams, add water amount of fried drink, but also allows people who are obese gradually thin.

Cucumber: medical experiments proved that inhibit cucumber contains a carbohydrate into fat propanol acid substances, obese people eat it regularly cucumber have to lose weight effect. Cucumber also contains fine cellulose, the promotion of the intestine and reduce the excretion of cholesterol are effective.

Papaya: Papaya milk contains two kinds of enzymes. One is papain, can be broken down proteins into amino acids; another lipase, the fat has a strong decomposition capability. Therefore, regular consumption of obese people to lose weight have a certain effect.

Plum: It is a rich organic acids and inorganic acids, alkaline food, especially citric acid containing same stuff on the metabolic heat has a very good role. Some experts believe that it is the leader in weight loss food. It is reported that Japan and other countries people to eat plums and their products, "Meirou Baptist Youth", "plum juice concentrate," "plum preserves" and other fashion known to the world to lose weight.

Corn: It has diuretic, gallbladder, blood pressure and other effects, with sun-dried corn to be 10-15 g, add water about 250 grams of tea brewing on behalf of the use, there are diuretic and to reduce the role of cholesterol accumulation while keeping slimming effect.