Everyday 175 million people log on Facebook

According to foreign media reported today, Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg at the Davos Forum, accepted the media interview. She said that at present there are 175 million people a day log on Facebook.

A year ago, Facebook has approximately 150 million users monthly access to Facebook's users are more than 200 million. This means that a year ago, worldwide, 1 / 5 of Internet users access to Facebook. Sandberg said at the time, Facebook will seek the rest of the next 4 / 5 users.

Facebook in the past year have done a remarkable job. Facebook has doubled the number of users last year, the site's registered users reached 350 million. And this is only the users log on Facebook Web site does not include the user login through Facebook Connect. More importantly, half of the registered users will still be a daily log on Facebook, which is equivalent to 175 million people. This also does not include the user login through Facebook Connect.

Facebook user's friends are still in a restricted number, the current limit is 5000. Last year, Sandberg said, Facebook will eventually cancel the user's friends limit. She then said: "I will not give you the exact date, but I would like to stress that eventually will be realized. We think this is very important, it is currently engaged in work in this area. We hope that you can have 80000 or 100 thousand friends . "

Restrict users of Facebook friends is still the number of practices, Sandberg said, Facebook users are disappointed, but she has not said when Facebook will be removing the cap. She just pointed out, Facebook Profile does not restrict the number of those concerns.
Sandberg does not reveal what she thinks is a direct competitor Facebook. However, she said that she hopes to integrate Facebook Connect with competitors. Facebook in this regard some progress has been made. The industry believes that Google and Twitter competitors such as Facebook will not be happy to see Facebook's efforts in this regard.