"We are all aliens, have a common origin of the universe"

According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported that famous British scientist, professor at the University of Cardiff Chandra Wei Kela Maxin He reached an alarming conclusion, mankind is merely moved the Earth from outer space aliens. The scientist said the new findings emerging from the study can be overwhelming support for the origins of mankind on earth other than the regional perspective.

As a celestial biologist Wei Kela Maxin He pointed out that the first batch of "Life Seed" 38 billion years ago, your visit to our planet from space. Microbial outer space to Earth aboard a comet, and then continue to breed and eventually led to the evolution of human generation. He found evidence that humans, as well as all other life on Earth can be traced back to the origin of comets to the Earth aboard the alien. After the comet colliding with Earth, they began to known as a transiting blue planet take root. Maxin He found evidence of Wei Kela University of Cambridge, published in "International Journal of Astrobiology" on.

He said: "We are all aliens, have a common origin of the universe. Every time a new planetary system formation, a number of surviving micro-organisms will be traveling to other planets, comets, and then breed evolved on the planet. We are only one universe a huge part of the chain. "

Since the 20th century, since the 60's, the professor and his late colleague Fori will support so-called "germ theory." He said: "Astronomy overwhelming evidence to support the view that life on Earth did not arise in the earth, but from outer space."