Thai sports shoe market shrinking shoe tough ahead

Thailand's Bangkok Bank, according to the Department of Chinese Affairs, 7, disclosed last year, almost all of Thailand's major industrial exports subject to Western financial crisis, total exports accounted for about Qi Cheng, especially in Europe and the United States market-oriented footwear industry has not spared .

Data show that in Thailand there are nearly 500 home-made shoe, directly employing seven thousand workers. Last year's total shoe production index of 10.3% year on year decline over the same period from 2000 to 2008 the average higher than 6.8%. Major export products such as male and female leather shoes and sports shoes output of the first eleven months last year, down 24.68%, 20.27% and 28.20%.

Thai footwear and related accessories exports over the past five years in a growth state, until in 2008 a slight decline. Last year, footwear and related accessories exports of 7.94 billion U.S. dollars in 2008 to 971 million U.S. dollars over the same period fell 18.20%. In 2009 Thailand's footwear industry's top five export markets, followed by the United States, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Belgium, most of the major markets, year on year there are different degrees of atrophy.

Last year, the footwear industry in Thailand have a greater impact than the news of a well-known brand sports shoes manufacturing base began to gradually shift from Thailand to other countries. Some brand-name products to their production lines to other countries, of course, in the short term to the Thai footwear industry in employment, exports and so on impact, but a blessing in disguise, how can you know the non-fu, this produces another effect is the incentive system in Thailand those who go all out shoes from the past, specifically for foreign brands shift production to create its own brand, and entering the international market.

The face of economic crisis, the sports shoe market shrinking by a big margin, some of Thailand's manufacturers for the domestic shoe market, the steady growth of shoes kind of product transition into production. In addition, efforts to develop brand products in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and other neighboring markets, have increased export sales, but also a Thai brand.