Microsoft executives said the network version of Office for possible future accession to feature micro-Bo

According to foreign media report today, Microsoft CEO Stephen Elop said that cloud computing brings to market the "creative destruction" to promote free Internet version of Microsoft's Office software.

Elop In an interview with Bloomberg News interview, said the network version of Office may be future updates will be added similar to the Twitter micro-blog feature that allows users to publish short message.

He said: "In the cloud computing environment, we not only sell software to consumers, but also for the user's network, hardware and consumer support. So as to give us more revenue, to ensure that Microsoft's cloud computing operations can be achieved more profits. "

The industry had pointed out that the cloud computing significant impact on Microsoft's pricing strategy; Cloud computing may be the future direction of Microsoft, but will also bring down Microsoft's profits.

Elop where the Microsoft Office sector is the most important business unit, Microsoft's fiscal year sales of 58.4 billion U.S. dollars in one-third from the Office department. Analysts had expected the online version free Office will result in declining margins in Microsoft Office sector 5 to 10 percentage points.