Google beat Apple's iTunes need to do five things

Google want an end to Apple's products in the music industry's leadership position. From the connection Eliot Van Buskirk said that, if you want more than Apple, Google must do the following five things:

1. To reduce the price of song downloads to 10 cents per song, or even less. Because Apple seems to lower prices, most of its recent song download price of 9.9 cents.

2. To cloud-based music services to be portable. Do not lock your customers so that they can be arbitrary in the change of venue can also enjoy the wonderful music.

3. For users to use a large number of cloud-based services to link the implementation of fees and charges. "It's like Gmail, like the model, this can also be made to use a certain amount of resources, the price of the low annual fee."

4. In the living room have done, because it is people like Ting Yaogun place.

5. Continue to use the search function, because this is Google's strengths.