Taobao: All disputes lose first pad

Yesterday, Taobao announced the launch of "trading disputes Shouwenzeren system" and pledged to said it would through the Taobao platform for all transactions that occur in charge in the event of disputes, Taobao will lose first pad. In the implementation of the new "Shouwenzeren system", Taobao's transaction disputes the period from 1 month shortened to one week.

Previously, buyers and sellers after receiving a dispute, only to the seller claims, such as the seller refuses or intentionally delay the payment, the buyer, and there is not much way. In the "Shouwenzeren system", a purchaser who encounter disputes Taobao able to help in the submission of receiving merchandise image, Taobao would first ask for the Pei Fukuan advances to the buyer. For consumer complaints, Taobao require the seller must respond within 48 hours; overdue response, Taobao consumer rights protection officers will intervene within 48 hours; Taobao commitment to disputes Taobao all transactions will be made within 7 days Disputes. For the sellers more than the pledged time delivery, consumers apply for a refund within 48 hours, the seller no response, the system will automatically refund.

"For many consumers, the networks are most afraid of is the purchases of products and prior to receipt of a seller's claim is not the same reasoning to find sellers find it very troublesome, especially encounter some shamelessly seller, no stroke of restitution of child also provoke an upset stomach. "Taobao relevant responsible person said," Taobao founded in 2005 consumer protection scheme has been embedded into the net to buy at all aspects of the implementation of protection for consumers. as long as Taobao and passed a sign of the Consumer Protection Program , the net purchase rights protection not be any trouble. As of now, join the Consumer Protection of the merchants there were 50 thousand, which in 2009 the entire network Taobao 70% of the transaction amount is derived from products produced by adding Consumer Protection turnover. "

Taobao consumer rights protection department head Tony probe, told reporters Taobao consumer rights protection measures will be implemented in large part to reduce the cost of consumer rights protection. For example, in forensics, consumers only need to provide images of receipt of goods can be, and the evidence, the certificate is to be provided by the merchants.