Reproduction Oil Paintings

Reproduction oil paintings-- Exactly what are they?

Lets face it, in today's market; there is a plethora of decor solely available for you to decorate and furnish your walls. This ranges from wallpaper and magnifying mirrors to photographs, images and paper prints of areas that you appreciate and enjoy. Now, just temporarily stop for a moment, instead of purchasing a poster or giclee print from a store on the high street or a gift shop at a gallery, it is becoming more widespread to commission reproduction oil paintings of pictures and areas of famous projects that you're passionate about. Admirer of Renoir or Klimt's The Kiss and lick, perhaps vehicle Gogh's Starry night is what you find really extraordinary?! Well, forget purchasing the prints, if you're searching for something really exclusive and distinctive, commission oil painting reproductions of your favourite works of art. Reproduction oil paintings, otherwise known as fine art reproductions, art replicas, copy art are just that -- they are copies of other paintings, anything from famous to lesser-known projects that are hand-painted by a professional electrician. A large proportion of art reproduction companies make the bold statement that their fine art reproductions are "museum quality", without stopping up the claim. Make sure that if your art reproduction company says this, that they actually supply their art replicas to museums and can prove it.

Reproduction Original Oil Paintings -- Who buys them?

A lot of people actually! For example:

Interior decorators and designers


Art collectors who have bought works of art from Christie's and Sotheby's who need fine art reproductions for security and insurance reasons.

Art enthusiasts

People who just want something a bit more special than the usual print in their home.

Period home owners who need period appropriate artwork for their listed buildings or historical houses -- think Constable, Grimshaw and Rubens.

New homeowners

People who suffer from blank-wall affliction!

Reproduction wholesale oil paintings -- Why do people purchase them?

The bulk of people who order reproduction oil paintings are simply looking for something a bit more special than the typical print, which can be found in Ikea or other high street stores. They are people who have thought about the appearance of their homes and would favour custom-made oil paintings on their walls of artwork that they hold dear. When you visit an art exposure and see a painting that wows you and moves you, it changes your mood, it uplifts you. Now imagine if you could transform your walls and feel the feelings of seeing your favourite projects every day. This is one of the significant reasons why people buy fine art reproductions.