How to Take A good Care And Storage Tips for Your Oil Painting

oil painting like any other piece of art is so valuable. Having one genuine oil painting for display at home or at the office is a big thing that for some it will cause for a celebration. It may be an old oil canvas painting or a brand new oil symbol but after unwrapping it you will realized that it is not an ordinary painting symbol that you will hang in the wall.

Special considerations regarding taking good care of oil portraits are given to oil on canvas paintings which are not mounted behind glass well, aside from those in museums that is help for maintenance purposes. Below are guidelines for you on what to take a good care your valuable painting on canvas for maintenance the family antique. These are tips for you to avoid committing mistakes in handling your oil symbol.

What is nice about Portrait Oil Painting is it is a durable sturdy and long lasting talent. When the painting is handled with proper care then it will last for generations.

In handling your oil painting, always remember to handle or carry it by the frame without coming in contact with the painting surface so be careful never touch the painted surface of your painting because it can cause unwanted marks or worst scratches and the details of the symbol might be deformed.

Do not allow anything to press either the back or primarily the front of your painting canvas because they may cause damaged like a dimple or a hole. If accidents happen never treat the painting yourself if you are not an expert. The best thing to do is to bring it to an expert to repair the damage. Amateur repair works fine but it does not last long.

Place cardboard Nude Oil Painting or plywood on both front and back when being briefly stored or when transporting your painting. The cardboard must be a bit larger than the outside dimensions of the painting frame. Bubble wrap is to be used and taped or tie firmly.

For permanent storage it must be in a customized plywood container with a painting braced so that air can flow on all sides without shifting.

Extreme heat, cold and dampness are a big NO for oil painting so never exposed your oil canvas in such conditions. Basement and attics hasn't been a good closet for your paintings neither. The only best place to store your oil symbol is in the wall for everybody to understand.

If your palette knife oil painting is too old or too dirty, you should bring it to a conservator for restore or clean. To avoid that much dirty, it is recommended that you occasionally dust your oil paint with a clean, soft bristle brush.