Hockney ---Young Generation of British Artists

Hockney grew up in a post-war seldom painful, light step of life, somewhat cynical young generation of British artists, leisure, his life is almost calm, formal education is also a step by step, when he was out of the UK Royal College of Art the gate, naturally become the leader on the painting. 1960 was the peak of his creativity and his interest has shifted to a straightforward and mechanical naturalistic style, with a distinctive tone of many works of peace deal for the work added a surreal flavor. For example in his own living area in the intake performance of the object, parallel to the strong lines and decorative colors painted swimming pools, villas, along with the unique style that accurately reflects the laid-back class of people everyday trivial moments of life. This is the most distinctive areas Hockney works tend to work with the community. Paintings on the surface it seems plain, but behind the canvas. Expressed the post-war generation of emptiness, poor and white in life, which gives a dignified and cold shock, resulting in a special artistic effect.
After the 1980s, Hockney a reversal of past artistic style, starting with photo engraving and technical expertise to re-dislocation of the order, then, his art is active again, he asked the dislocation arrangement of pictures on the screen after the absolute a clear internal logic, it presents a clear theme and intent. Namely, "to determine the meaning of art in the image and symbolism of material and material, images and material between the art of the 'real' deal in the figurative and abstract, and three second sense of space." Therefore, we have recognition of Hockney's intelligent and superior to others, in fact, he is the modern Western art and traditional ancient oriental art cleverly combined to produce a new realm of art and visual effects.
Perhaps Hockney did not so much romance, not so much cold, not so much the unrestrained, but in his heart, more of the nation's serious and rigorous. This is the character of his paintings.
Hockney (David Hockney, 1937 ---), Bradley Dvorak was born in the United Kingdom, five children at home, ranked fourth, extraordinary young talent, talented, 11 years old get a scholarship at the school, determined to make the future an artist. Art Institute in 1959 came to London for further studies, both on campus and soon become famous. 1961 "Young Contemporary Art Exhibition," a significant impact on the formation, but also made him a new one art movement of the leaders. After the visit to Europe and continue to hold a solo exhibition. In 1988, Hockney organizing large-scale retrospective of works in Los Angeles, then to New York and London exhibit, in the 1990s, he once again strong energy into stage art creation, between 1995 to 1996, he has a large work Exhibition held at London's Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1978, Hockney has been working and living in Los Angeles, USA, has a broad impact on contemporary Western artists.