Soul Talk, Romantic Fantasy

Said the young woman on the screen is actually the wife of the late painter Rossetti, his reason for writing this piece, because in a very long time, he has been his wife that unattainable beauty forever stay in the picture. Screen, the beautiful young woman who is like an angel from heaven. In this sense, the Pre-Raphaelite Rossetti has a refined and idealistic, especially the beautiful young woman painting in the hands of the artist's nostalgia for his wife has been so obsessed but there was nothing even a generous variety of conditions, the screen the kind of faint sadness, is the long-term accumulation in the home face the emotional depths of the soul-style fantasy talk. From this point to explain, I would prefer to see this as Li Jia wooden men the spirit of the self-portrait.
In addition, this work is extremely particular about the composition, Rossetti nostalgia for the characters of his heart placed in the woods, surrounded by dense trees to make people and children almost cut off from the outside, around the misty clouds, daydreaming and constitute a whole atmosphere, but also for the construction of this so-called fantasy of a perfect background. You see Is the young woman on the knee and the hands of the flowers, it seems likely to fall to the ground at any time, this greatly increases the depth of the pipe dream of some kind, and this theme expressed most vividly. Technically, a beautiful young woman's face, obsessed with the table definition and sad demeanor is portrayed vividly. Use of light and color in the handling, the skill has been quite profound artist, the young woman who leaves shiny sheen clothing and tree-1fli integrated each other, so that the audience who strongly felt the painting closely integrated with the natural environment together. Perhaps this is the painter Rossetti a miss on the form of his deceased wife - in nature forever.